Partner program

for small platforms

LovePlanet is a fundamentally new dating and chat system that is steadily taking over the internet. If you have a high-traffic website that attracts a large number of users, you can join our partner program and make money. Our partner program is a fundamentally new way to make money online.

Your primary income from this project comes from the money you make for every confirmed profile created by a user who follows the link on your website and signs up in our database. You also earn a percentage of every transaction made by a user who has registered through your link. Any registered user who uses any paid service provided by the system will increase your share of the profits.

for large platforms

If you have the desire and ability to create an attractive dating website, we're ready to offer our help creating this kind of resource from scratch on the basis of a project that already exists, as well as lucrative terms for collaboration.

Our specialists have developed a unique technical solution that allows you to create your very own dating website that is attractive to a large online user base. The design solution (interface) is entirely up to you.

In addition to an interesting and attractive service, you'll also get an extremely auspicious platform for conducting all sorts of advertising campaigns and placing banners while earning compensation for every user who signs up on your website, as well as a portion of their transactions. We offer our users a suite of paid services that are not required to use the system, but expand the user's capabilities, make their profile more noticeable and attractive, and provide more interesting conversation options.

The list of paid services includes::

Users have a very high degree of interest in these paid services. As you can imagine, the money-making potential in our system is very promising.

All you have to do to start working with us is complete the simple signup procedure, get a partner link from us, and put in on your website. We'll pay you for the visitors who follow the link to LovePlanet, sign up, and perform transactions in our system.

  • By signing up, you accept the terms and conditions of the partner agreement.

Your primary income sources from this project are the remuneration you receive for every profile registered on our database through your website and a percentage of all transactions performed by the users you have registered. Any registered user who uses any of the paid services we provide (increasing their profile's ranking, placing their profile in a privileged position, access to the dating service on a phone, voice service) will earn you a portion of the profits.
Our service has incredible commercial potential and a wide range of technical advantages over other similar systems.

If you have any questions, send our support service an email or a personal message in the client section of our partner program