General Rules for Participating in the LovePlanet.Ru Partner Program

The full version of the partner agreement can be found at

Payment rules

We pay between three and 16.5** rubles for every new confirmed**** male profile and between six and 16.5** rubles for every new confirmed female profile, as well as 50% of the revenue received from payments for additional services by users you have attracted.
We pay 10% of the revenue from every webmaster you recruit!***

Choose your own commission

Payouts for a payment period are made no later than the 10th business day of the second month after the payment period.
Payouts are made using the electronic payment systems WebMoney and Yandex.Money.
Payouts are not made to partners who violate the rules of the partner program or partner agreement.

* only for partners who use their own domains
** depending on the selected commission structure and current bonus offer
***referral commissions are paid out within a year of the referral's registration
**** a profile that obtains live status using a phone is considered to be confirmed.

Our bonus programs
Greater remuneration per profile (month)
  • +0,30 rub.
    For profiles registered from 501 till 1000
  • +0,60 rub.
    For profiles registered from 1001 till 1500
  • +0,90 rub.
    For profiles registered from 1501 till 2000
  • +1,20 rub.
    For profiles registered from 2001 till 3000
  • +1,50 rub.
    For profiles registered from 3000 and more
Increase the percentage of profit from paid services
  • 55%
    Over 100 confirmed profiles per day
  • 60%
    Over 150 confirmed profiles per day

To increase your commission percentage, contact
our support service, since this procedure is
not automatic.
This bonus is not provided to partners whose primary income comes from revenue from profiles.

The following are prohibited in the partner program: